How To Clean Canon Printer Heads ?

Canon Printer is an adjustable and easy repairable printer which holds the ink cartridges in the Canon Printer. It’s always good to print every week with a color print and Black-White print.

Here’s a protocol you have to follow on the ij.start.cannon

Step 1: If your printhead nozzles are blocked and it needs to be fixed by dissolving the ink.

It has a nozzle diameter about 45 microns.

Step 2: Normally, you can clean all the ink in your computer by using the software utility icon on the windows. Don’t be sad because here are some methods which are mentioned in the points.

The Common Instructions for cleaning the Canon Printer manually.

  1. Remove the cartridge tank from the Canon Printer. Keep the ink tanks in a seal pack polythene or otherwise it will get ruined.
  2. Get a soak towel or paper by the bottom of the container, remember no other circuit will get damaged.
  3. Take up hot ammonia to treat it well and clean it well, ammonia is good to remove the clogging.
  4. Keep the print head in a pan and pour water in it so that it will submerged approximately upto ½ inches not more than that.
  5. Slowly add your solution hot water or ammonia or alcohol just to remove the clogging and to fix your Canon Printer.
  6. Keep your print head in a wet towel so that ink will get out like a blue bleeding and keep again on a different part of the towel.
  7. Remember if your Canon Printer is badly clogged or jammed just keep it in a pan with your liquid solution overnight so that it cleans up.

Some Preventive Measures

  1. Keep your printhead regularly maintained.
  2. Always the printhead has been blocked, not a new situation.
  3. Checking your empty cartridge could be a reason for it.
  4. Should not leave your Canon printer for a longer period.
  5. Experts also say that it’s better to run a colorful print every week so that cartridges would not dry up.
  6. Every week run Cleaning the printer cycle helps from the clogging.

Some Efficient Ways to Clean an Printer

Brush your printer head with a soaked foam or you can take some alcohol drops might be better than water.

But according to the experts you should keep the alcohol away from the Canon printer so that it doesn’t get ruined.

Purchase a small cleaning kit for your printer to help in cleaning the clogged.

Usually, it has ammonia which can be easily sprayed to remove the dried ink.

You have to take care of it, covering it from the surroundings so that any other debris or dust cannot enter in it. Which prevents the dirt on it.

How to automatically clean the canon printhead.

The Simple way to clean your Canon Printer is already an in-built function which gives a huge advantage in it.

You can also check your user’s manual by properly displaying the message.

Turn it On and touch the display screen button which is showing the setup.

Then, Click on the maintenance service tool.

Click on a cleaning button and select Yes.

Then, the Canon Printer will go on a cleaning process for some minutes.

When the process is done. Take a printout to test your Print quality which will be enhanced or not.


If you are still getting irritating freaks just go on the settings of your Canon Printer and repeat the same process by ending the final command on it.

The final command or Instruction should be a “Deep cleaning” in that process Canon Printer.




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